About Socciio

Socciio is led by a team of like-minded individuals who share a passion for looking at innovative ways to end homelessness. Formed in 2021 as an alternative way to find affordable accommodation and tackle homelessness in the UK. The Socciio team has in excess of 50 years experience working across various sectors in the housing, social sector and property industry

What we do

With 1.7 million postcodes in the United Kingdom that all have different Local Housing Allowance rates and housing benefits as per by local authorities and availability, Socciio helps users find affordable housing quickly and effectively. Socciio saves users from having to navigate through numerous different websites and in addition, from having to consult the Local Housing Allowance directory.

How we do it

Our app uses innovative technology to retrieve data from property websites. We bring these search results to you, avoiding the need for you to check hundreds of websites to find an affordable home. Your search will highlight only the properties according to postcode with Local Housing Allowance accessibility. The website also allows you to choose whether you wish to search over or under your allowance depending on your budget. Socciio is proud to be the first organization to offer this kind of technology within the Housing Sector across the UK.

Why choose us

Trusted by thousands

Socciio is a trusted service that allows people to find properties within their Local Housing Authorities Budget.

Wide range of properties

We take the effort out of you having to search lots of different websites and bring together all properties in one place!

1.7 million postcodes

1.7 million postcodes filtered to give you only the properties that you can afford.

Help with your first months rent and deposit?